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Thronmax Community

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Microphone Boom Arms
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Vlogger Microphones
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THX Accessories
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Question & Answer
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About Testing Club
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You can communicate with users and find answers to their questions faster.

You can discuss questions or problems with users on the forum page through the Thronmax Community. Thronmax will respond to your questions as quickly as possible to provide the best experience for its users. For your problems, please send an e-mail to support@thronmax.com.

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What is this Testing Club?

Our aim with Thronmax Testing Club is to enable you, our valued users and customers, to test our newest products. After the test, listening to your comments about the product. Persons will be selected by drawing lots to apply for Testing Club products. Please stay tuned to our content.

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Quicker communication.

Our Discord server will be active very soon. You can play games with your friends by communicating with Thronmax products via our Discord server.